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HDPE pipes are selected because they are stainless and acid-resistant and alkaline pipes because they are viewed according to the HDPE pipe function. HDPE pipe has endurance for more than 50 years and the price is very affordable. In landfill areas it is not possible to use iron pipes as they are very corrosive. HDPE pipe is the best pipe for landfill area and widely used also for the purposes of waste processing for example for Biogas Pipe.

HDPE perforated pipe, known as a PIPE CORRUGATED HDPE is commonly used in landfill. The purpose of the use of perforated pipe so that the liquid waste (leachate) can be transported out so that the process of decay runs perfectly. Besides, as a pipeline to absorb leachate, perforated pipes are also used to capture the methane gas that is formed from the decay. For jobs like this pu can also use pipeline type nettion

The most commonly used fittng is HDPE SEGMENTED fittings. These fittings are made by a workshop using basic materials HDPE pipes are cut reconnected to form the desired fittings and connections typically used BUTT Fussion fittings. Similar to the function of HDPE pipe, fittings HDPE is resistant to corrosive environments such as in this landfill. The use of fittings is relatively small because the pipe is straight. Most use is only in methan gas chamber if the landfill is used for biogas. Which often uses HDPE pipes as a means to process the distribution of biogas and its utilization. For that it is usually the best biogas pipeline to use HDPE pipe material.

Fitting HDPE pipe Segmented very efficient price, in addition to the work pressure in the landfills is small so pemakaina fitting segmented enough salts these connections the process is easy to use method to connect HDPE pipes BUTT Fussion where both sides of the pipe is heated and then placed in such a way as to form a strong connection.

Hdpe pipes are pipes of various sizes, including ½ inch or 20 mm hdpe pipes, hdpe ¾ inch or 25 mm pipes, 1 inch or 32 mm hdpe pipes, 1 ¼ inch or 40 mm hdpe pipes, 1 ½ inch hdpe pipes Or 50 mm, 2 inch or 63 mm hdpe pipe, 2 ½ inch or 75 mm hdpe pipe, hdpe 3 inch or 90 mm pipe, 4 inch or 110 mm hdpe pipe, 5 inch or 125 mm hdpe pipe, 6 inch hdpe or 160 mm, 8 inch or 200 mm hdpe pipe, 10 inch or 250 mm hdpe pipe, 12 inch or 315 mm hdpe pipe, hdpe 14 inch or 355 mm pipe, hdpe 16 inch or 400 mm pipe, 18 inch or 450 mm hdpe pipe, hdpe 20 inch or 500 mm pipe, hdpe pipe 22 inch or 560 mm, 24 inch or 630 mm hdpe pipe, up to 1200 mm hdpe pipe.

In addition, hdpe pipes are pipes that have various pressure bars. Among other things: hdpe pipe with pressure bar sdr 11 pn 16, sdr 13,6 pn 12,5 sdr 17 pn 10, sdr 21 pn 8, sdr 26 pn 6,3. Understanding the pressure bar or brack I mean is the standard dimension ratio or sdr is the unit used to know the thickness of the pipe (wall thickness). While pn is another word of sdr and pn is resistance of hdpe pipe to pressure from inside. Or other notions also include functioning for hdpe pipe bar pressure.

They choose the bar pressure that corresponds to the terrain at the project site, and they often choose the pressure bar hdpe pipe 17 pn 10, why so ?. Since the pressure bar of 17 pn 10 is the normal bar pressure which can suppress water with normal flow. Despite the location terrain above the mountains. But for pressure bar hdpe pd 17 pn 10 holder available from hdpe pipe size 1 ½ inch to 44 inch below that size only available measure pressure bar sdr 11 pn 16

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