Rockwool Mesh

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Specification of Rockwool Mesh

Rockwool is an insulation material, including types of thermal and acoustic insulation. Rockwool Made from lightweight fiber mining material with a core in the form of natural stone combined with hot resin. Some of the advantages of Rockwool products are:

1. Suitable for various industrial needs

2. Has low thermal conductivity

3. Can be used at a temperature of 100 ° C to 820 ° C

4. Not flammable

5. Soundproof

6. Not rusty / moldy

Rockwool dampers can be applied to:

1. Silent generator room

2. Studio room dampers

3. Discotheque room dampers

4. Room partition

Often we hear questions like this, "What is the best sound damper?" Many manufacturers claim that their artificial sound absorbers are the best. To answer this question, let's follow the following article. Let's review it based on its characteristics.

Sound Proofing Material

We need sound absorbing material to overcome two problems, namely insulating sound disturbances or absorbing sound reflections. Many available and commonly used sound absorbing materials for this purpose are glasswool, rockwool, fiber, foam eggs, cork, foam, and so on.

To insulate sound leakage, sound absorbing material is installed in the air gap between two partitions. Meanwhile, to reduce sound reflections, the sound absorbing material is paired facing the sound source.

Characteristics of Rockwool

Rockwool is a sound absorbing material made from rock base material. Rockwool features such as thick blankets in gray or yellow. Rockwool is sold in the form of sheets in large quantities in the form of rolls or plastic packaging sheets. Rockwool has thicknesses ranging from 25mm - 100mm with surface density ranging from 30g / m2 to 100g / m2.

Rockwool is a lightweight mineral fiber product designed to reduce sound and insulation against heat. There are two types of rockwool on the Indonesian market, namely rockwool without brand and branded imported rockwool. The price difference between branded and non-branded rockwool is quite far. Rockwool is not branded which has poor quality to be used on projects that require safety and health. This sound absorbing material is usually used in projects with a budget that is not too high because the price is not too expensive.

Selecting Sound Proofing Materials

Which sound absorbing material is the best? Choosing the actual sound proofing material must be adjusted to your needs and budget.

Non-branded glasswool and rockwool sound absorbers include economical sound absorbers with deficiencies that are not safe for health and the environment because they easily fall out, make allergies, itching, irritation, respiratory problems, and others. In addition, the soundproofing performance is unstable because it is affected by moisture content and relatively short life. Sometimes it doesn't take two years for the material to fall into sand.

Acourete Fiber is a sound absorbing material that is more expensive than glasswool and rockwool sound absorbers, but has advantages such as safe for health, free of itching, allergy free, safe for fire. Able to absorb more sound, stable performance for more than ten years.

A good sound damper is a sound damper that fits our needs. Choose sound dampening material that suits our needs. Meet the requirements of the required acoustic technical specifications, fulfill safety, health, ease, cleanliness and longevity factors. Then, the last is to meet the budget constraints that we have.


ROCK WOOL WIRE SHEET is a rockwool sheet that has a wire coating for use as well as ordinary sheet rock wool as a heat sink, cold air damper as well as sound absorbers

LEVEL OF INCOME: 60.80,100,120 kg / m3

THICKNESS: 25,40,50,75,100

LONG dimensions X WIDTH = 60 cm x 120 cm



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