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There are many black Plate specifications that are on the market and maybe some of you already know. The black plates that are widely known by the public include JIS G3131 SPHC, JIS G3101 SS400 and ASTM A36. Imported or local products The black plate is actually the same but maybe the price is not the same. The most important thing is that the black plate must have SNI standards so that it is not considered false or abusive. The size of the black plate itself usually uses the terms T 0.9, T, 1.0, T 1.2 to T 10

Black plate or cool language base plate is often used for construction materials that are often used by people when building a house or building. Black plate is a sheet of iron plate with flat surface, at a glance the shape is similar to wood plywood, only for this black plate made of steel which is certainly stronger. Usually for standard black plates it has a size of about 4 x 8 feet.

The main function of this black plate is as a connection constructing profile, the jam The black plate is also useful in supporting roads for heavy equipment to pass through project sites which usually have unstable ground contours. Many of the functions of the black plate are one of them for tank making, stamping and so on. In Indonesia itself, many black plates are produced by the Krakatau Steel factory, which are usually in the form of coil rolls made from strong steel materials.

It is recommended that if you want to load construction made from black iron plate, you should choose the right material and quality, do not take the wrong decision by thinking of cheap black iron plate which sometimes does not have good quality. Prices of black iron plates vary depending on the location you buy and the quality chosen. Of course the more quality the black iron plate is of course the more expensive the price is.


Maybe you don't know a few things about the function of the black plate iron eser. We often hear about this type of black plate iron in several projects, but we are often confused about the main function of this iron. Now, as we know, black plate iron eser is one of the materials that are often used in construction. This type of iron plate is made with the main material of steel. The use of steel as the main ingredient of iron plate certainly provides several advantages and benefits. Using steel, the iron plate produced is clearly stronger than other types of iron. In addition, steel has also proven to be more effective and durable because it has anti-corrosion properties.

In building construction, eser black plate is often used as the main material for construction connections, especially if the material you are using is lacking or there is a construction in a difficult position if you use intact sheets. This iron plate can be put together by welding. In addition, the other functions of the black iron plate eser are that it can be used as a road cushion for heavy vehicles. In construction, often the area built has difficult road access, such as roads that are hollow, muddy, too steep and others. By using black plate iron, the road can be engineered in such a way that the vehicle can run more smoothly. Of course for this one, you will need iron of a certain thickness.

In its development, now many iron shops are popping up and peddling this type of iron plate. Of course you as a buyer will have more flexibility when you want to choose it. Some stores present the best choice to satisfy you. When you want to buy black plate iron of the highest quality and the price is quite affordable, you can visit the Permata iron shop, as one of the best choices. Apart from being able to ask about the function of the black plate iron eser, the owner will also provide satisfying service and guarantees in every transaction.

Black iron plate is one of the main types of material for steel construction work. Ordinary iron plate is used as a connecting plate and base plate. In addition to steel construction, sometimes sheet metal iron is also used as a temporary working road for passing heavy equipment at the project site with poor soil conditions.

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