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Tubing Pipe

Specification of Tubing Stainless


Tubing is a cylindrical object that has a hole in the middle to drain fluid. Unlike pipes, the tube is relatively small and is not obstructed by spools (certain lengths such as pipes. Tubing is usually used for instrument equipment. More specifically, tubes are used to drain fluid in a heat exchanger. Fluid flowed in the tube, usually later will be raised or lowered by heat with other fluids inside the he.Stainless steel tubing has no thread and is connected with compression.

Tubing or pipe is basically a cylindrical round / hollow shell used to drain fluid, liquid or gas. In understanding the difference between the two, we must first understand the terms ID and OD:

ID or Inside Diameter is the nominal dimension or diameter measured in a circle
OD or Outside Diameter are nominal dimensions or diameters measured outside the circle.

The use of terminology or the term tubing and pipe are often equated. Actually there are fundamental differences between the two:

Tubing with pipes

The nominal dimension / diameter measured is OD (Outside Diameter).
The nominal dimension / diameter measured is ID (Inside Diameter)
Inside Diameter (ID) depends on the wall thickness called "gauge".
Outside Diameter (OD) depends on the wall thickness of the pipe which is usually called a "schedule"
The smaller diameter size of the process pipe.
Larger diameter size than instrument pipe.
Its usefulness (in general) is the link between the measuring instrument (instrument) and the process pipe and from the instrument to the control system.
Its use is to drain fluid in the production process. For fluid flow that passes through the pipe itself is generally controlled by a valve, where there is useful information that further discusses the valve in "The Most Used Valve Functions and Types". In general, both tubing and pipes can be grouped into 2 based on the material they make; namely metals and non metals.

Types of Pipe TUBING

There are various types of pipe tubing in the local market today. Tubing pipes circulating in the National market currently generally come from Imports of China, Japan, Europe, Malaysia, Taiwan and Korea. Here are some types of pipe tubing.

Tubing SS (Stainless Steel)

Tubing Stainless Steel is a steel material that is resistant to corrosion / rust. This is caused by the surface of the tubing there is an oxide layer which is resistant to the influence of oxygen. This type of stainless steel tubing is very suitable for use on fresh liquid or pressurized air and gas.

Tubing Cooper / Copper

Tubing Cooper (Copper) is easy to treat, well formed and joined, so it will reduce installation costs, material and time. This copper tubing has a high corrosion resistance number. In general, this type is often used for the installation of AC (Air Conditioner).

Carbon Steel Tubing (CS)

Tubing Carbon Steel (CS) usually uses carbon steel or carbon steel material. This tubing has high strength, is rubbery, can be welded and lasts longer. However, the disadvantage is that it is not resistant to corrosion attacks in the form of H2SO4 or KSO3 (Carbonate) compounds and sea water.

Monel 400/500 Tubing

Monel 400/500 Tubing has high strength and durability so that it can be used over a wide temperature range. This type of tubing is very good for a corrosive environment. Alloy 400/500 is widely used in various fields, including processing chemicals, sea water or fresh water.

Tubing Plastic

Tubing Plastic is mostly made of PVC, with several considerations, which are relatively inexpensive, durable, and easy to assemble. PVC can be made more elastic and flexible. This type of tubing is very good for compressed air.

PT. PIRAMID CAHAYA ABADI is a Supplier of Metal Products in the form of Pipes and Plates made from Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized, Cast Iron and HDPE, including Pipe Fittings products and accessories, Valves, Gaskets, Measuring Instruments, Safety Equipment both Local and Import and various Construction equipment. We serve purchases of Retail, Wholesale, Tender Projects, and sales and shipping throughout the archipelago.

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