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Stainless Steel is Stainless Steel where iron compounds contain about 10% Chromium which prevents metal rusting. The corrosion resistance is obtained from the formation of the Chromium oxide film layer, where the oxide layer blocks the oxidation process of iron making this steel unable to rust. Stainlees also have many types, 201, 304, 316 and others, the higher the series, the better the stainlees will last. The treatment of Stainlees is very easy, not like iron that has to be painted or in the crome, the Stainlees only need to be on the cloth to restore the gloss like new. but if there is streaking on the Stainle you don't need to worry because this Stainle only needs to be polished to make the Stainlees back glow as before.

Stainless pipes are one of the most widely used construction materials in building construction. Not only for multi-storey buildings, this type of pipe is also used in domestic life. Although it is quite expensive, this type of pipe is in great demand because of its anti-rust properties or corrosion resistance. In addition, the pipeline installation process is fairly easy and can save more time. In general, this type of stainless pipe does have a round shape. But actually, there are several other types of pipes. Here are some types of stainless pipes based on their shape and texture:

Types of Stainless Pipes
Pipe Ornaments
This pipe is a stainless type pipe that has a smooth and shiny surface texture. The texture makes this pipe a favorite material in the construction of luxury buildings or luxury homes. In addition, this pipe can also beautify the interior of the house. You can get various sizes of thickness from this ornamental pipe.

Hollow Pipe
Hollow pipe is one of the box type stainless pipes. The shape of the box on the pipe makes it look unique and has a modern impression. For this reason, this pipe is very suitable if used in a house or building with a minimalist, modern or futuristic concept.

Round Tubing Pipe
As the name implies, this type of stainless pipe has a round shape. This pipe can be used for various construction purposes because it has a round shape like pipes in general. In addition, this pipe also has various diameter sizes that can be adjusted to your needs.

Dove Pipe
One type of pipe is another stainless steel pipe dove. As the name implies, this type of pipe has a surface texture that is not shiny or opaque. The thickness of this pipe also varies, ranging from 20 inches to 1 mm.
Elbow Pipe
In general, the Stainless Pipe Type does have a straight shape. But it is different from the elbow pipe. This one pipe has a slightly circular and bent shape. This form makes this type of pipe used to adjust the accuracy of the size of the pipes when connected.

In addition to the types and shapes, stainless pipes also have grades as a representation of their quality. As a general, stainless type pipe grades that are often found have grades 201, 210, 220, 304, 316, and 430. Each grade value is influenced by the content in the pipe.

Grade stainless type pipe with 400 series is a pipe type which has the weakest anti-corrosion content and contains many magnets. Meanwhile, pipes with 300 series are of better quality than series 400. Pipes with series 300 are also considered the best if used for household appliances or tableware because of their high anti-corrosion. Although anti-corrosion, pipes with tipa 200 have lower quality than 300 series pipes.

That's a quick introduction to the type of stainless type pipe based on its shape and grade value. That way you now know what stainless pipes are suitable for your household or building needs.


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